Know Me

A picture can say a thousand words, but a few words can change its Story.

That’s what I do. When people listen to me on stage they hear much more than mere words. They find meaning.

At first sight, clients find me petite. When I am on stage, all they can see is my persona. Being the visible, emotional connect between the stage and the audience is what I am all about. I uplift the event to the next level.

Whatever be the occasion, I dive right in and give it my all. From protocol to corporate events to fun filled evenings, I become whatever the event needs me to be – a Moderator, an Emcee or an Anchor. Handling each event with finesse is what I am all about.

While I might sound vain, talking of myself in the first person here, I take pride in who I am and ownership of what I bring to every event I host. I become an integral part of the team and work with the team. I believe that the event is bigger than any and all of us. It becomes an EXPERIENCE that people carry away with them and cherish for days and months after.

Shilpa Nainani